How to use with carseat


Step 1: Carseat straps and buckle pull through as shown above


Step 2: Buckle your child following proper child safety restraint protocol 


Step 3: Cinch lower pouch with ribbon provided. This will keep legs covered while your on the GO!


                           Step 4: Swaddle child


          Step 5:  When removing your child from carseat or stroller.  Unbuckle carseat restraints, leave cap and lower pouch on.



                             Step 6: Lift and GO!


                  Cap and lower pouch stay on your child


        Step 7: Ensure back blanket slits are closed.  If not closed, simply help guide.  Back blanket slits close with ease, thanks to the strategically placed sewing magnets. 

                             Step 8: Enjoy your DAY!