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Not your ordinary baby blanket!  One blanket, FOUR functions.  This 34 x 34, patent pending, hand crafted, luxurious baby blanket serves as a car seat blanket, stroller blanket, cart cover, and nursing cover.  Our uniquely designed baby blanket, allows it to be used with all car seats and strollers. 

Back of blanket slits close with ease, and remain closed by strategically placed sewing magnets.  Your child will only feel your warm embrace, not mother nature. 

When your ready to breastfeed.  Simply slide your arm through the blanket slit closes to your body.  The other blanket slit remains closed by our strategically placed sewing magnets.  Your child may remain in lower pouch provided.  Both you and your child will feel safe and have privacy.

Once at your destination, unbuckle your child, lift and go.  Blanket remains to cover there head and legs.  If shopping, place blanket in cart.  Lower pouch faces to front.  You then place your child's legs into blanket slits.  Front pouch may then be utilized as storage for his or hers snacks and bottles.  


Patent Pending


More details:

  • 100% polyester fabric
  • Made in the USA
  • Hand sewn by grandmothers
  • Machine wash with phosphate free detergent on a warm or cool delicate setting. Tumble dry low or line dry
  • 34 x 34 inch blanket


                    What you can expect with use of Capley Blanket

  1. Convenience and less headaches
  2. Your car no longer feeling like a closet
  3. Decreased shoulder and back pain, by not having to carry all other needed necessities.  You now have one blanket with FOUR functions!
  4. No more dropped socks, shoes, or blankets in a parking lot. Now your child's legs will be in our luxurious pouch.  

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