Our Story

Three kids, a full time job, and a high maintenance two year old, began the thought process of my evolutionary blanket.  Every morning, drop off to daycare made me wish I had a third hand.  No longer did I have time to battle blankets and jackets with carseats, or feel like I was exposing my little one to the cold.  I simply wanted a high quality, functional baby blanket, to provide warmth, style, and convenience.  I searched online and in stores for a blanket to meet these demands and found nothing.  Having a profession in the medical field, your always working to solve problems.  This problem at hand I felt could be solved. 

I then collaborated with my mom, and soon the first Capley Blanket was developed.  Since my mom has continued to sew these magnificent baby blankets.  She is a retired home economics teacher who taught the art of sewing to thousands of kids for 36 years.  During that time my parents also owned a monograming business.  Our company is expanding but what we have created we truly love.  Until it is no longer humanly possible, she desires to continue to sew each cap of every blanket.  In her words " I love creating each cap and love to visualize what sweet baby will get this blanket."

My hope is that our blanket can jump start your day with a smile like it did for me every morning.  Letting some mornings feel you no longer need that third hand, or backpack gear for the day ahead.  

To all mom's, Capley has you covered! 


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